Welcome to Jake's Place

Rescue & Rehome

Working with overcrowded and high kill shelters, as well as the general public, we bring as many cats and kittens into our program as we have foster homes to accommodate. We provide them with socialization and lots of TLC as well as the medical care needed to find them a loving home.

Educate & Generate Awareness

Euthanasia rates are heartbreaking. Spay/neuter is the key, but so is education. Shelter overpopulation is also caused by the fact that so many people abandon their pets without any thought whatsoever. Sometimes we can save an animal from being taken to a shelter simply by helping the Guardian solve the "issue."

Create Companionship & Commitment

Hand in hand with responsible pet guardianship is making a lifetime commitment to the pet that you adopt. Jake's Place goal is to establish the "Senior Cat Project", finding loving homes for older cats. "Seniors for Seniors" will be part of this project, pairing senior citizens with senior kitties.

Adopt a Cat (Or two)

Interested in adopting a cat or a pair of kitties? We'd love to talk to you!

About Adopting.

Everyone at Jake's Place is committed to helping you find the right cat or kitten for your family situation. You can download our application and contract here on the website. We have our cats and kittens listed with a little biography of each, as well as many photos and a video of each. Feel free to call and ask questions about any of our cats. We would love to meet you at any of our adoption events or perhaps arrange a visit with the foster family.

Our adoption fee is:
$110 for a cat or kitten.
$150 for a pair.
$80 for adults 8+yrs

This fee helps us to pay for testing (FIV/Leukemia), vaccines, parasite treatment, spay/neuter & microchipping, as well as anything else the cats might need while in our care. Seniors may need blood work or dental care.

For Adoption Information, please call Debbie Edge at (415) 548-0824.

Download Application

Download Agreement

Meet Our Kitties

Check out Jake's Place Cats available for adoption.

To adopt any of our kitties, please call Debbie Edge at (415) 548-0824.

Courtesy Listings: We also offer our website postings to help other responsible rescue groups or individuals find good homes for cats in need. Since Jake's Place has not met or interacted with these cats, we cannot speak to their behavior or health, but will gladly put you in touch with the appropriate people.

These kitties are awaiting a foster position and are available for adoption.

To foster one of these kitties, please call Carrie Scott at (415) 637-5897.

Foster A Cat (or Two)

Interested in fostering a kitty? We'd love to talk to you!

About Fostering.

We are always looking for loving foster homes to help prepare the kitties for their forever home! We will provide you with food, litter and supplies. You provide a room and some TLC!

We have other opportunities to help as well... are you able to help with a special event? Transporting cats from shelters to foster homes? Running cats or kittens to their vet appointment? We can always use assistance in these areas.

Do you have an idea for something that perhaps we haven't thought of? We love to hear about it, give us a call! For Foster and Volunteer Information, please call Carrie Scott at (415) 637-5897

Download Foster Application

Make a Donation

Jake's Place Cat Rescue is a CA nonprofit 501c3. All contributions are eligible for the tax deduction. We work with local and outlying shelters, as well as the general public, to rescue, foster, socialize and rehome cats and kittens. Our goal is also to educate and create awareness about the plight of stray, abandoned and homeless animals, the importance of spaying & neutering, and the necessity of committing to care for your pet for his/her entire lifetime.

Every donation makes a world of difference to a kitty!

Make a Donation today!

100% of your donation goes to the care of the kitties!

  • $10-$25 per bottle for medications
  • $15 vaccination
  • $45 microchip
  • $100 neuter
  • $125 spay
  • $100-$150 blood work
  • $150 teeth cleaning
  • $300-$800 other surgeries (eye removal, amputations, etc.)
  • $35 approximate cost for care of one kitty per month

Donations can be made online through Paypal or mailed to:

Jake's Place Cat Rescue
c/o Debbie Edge
1530 Armstrong Avenue, #31
Novato, CA 94945

Download Donation Form

Donate Every Month Automatically!

Our Team

The volunteers at Jake's Place are a diverse group of dedicated animal lovers. Some of us have worked in rescue before, some are new to it. Some of us have known each other for years, others more recently involved. Having all come together in the last few years and finding that we had the same passion to help cats, we started thinking about the possibilities of putting our various expertise to work in creating something wonderful. While Jake's Place is a relatively new organization, our work goes back 17 years and our energy and drive is stronger than ever. We are committed to rescuing responsibly, fostering in loving & caring homes and finding the best possible forever homes.

Debbie Edge

President & Founder

Debbie has been tirelessly driving cat rescue in Marin County for the past 17 years. She has served as the director and adoption coordinator for the Animal Sanctuary and Care Society (ASCS), and through her outreach and education efforts with the community, local shelters and North Bay rescue organizations, has made an incredibly positive impact on our rescue community. Jake's Place, aptly named after her beloved tabby, Jake, is the culmination of her years of experience. In addition to fostering her own brigade of strictly senior cats, she will continue her shelter outreach, host adoption events and work on the Senior Cat Project.

Cheryl Beauvais


With over 20 years in market research and 5 years in public policy, academic research, and grant writing, Cheryl helps bring in much needed funds for Jake's Place kitties through grant writing. Life long animal lovers, Cheryl Beauvais & Tom Montgomery have volunteered with ASCS and actively socialized their four rescue kitties: Cleo, Max (shown above), Skip and Tula. When asked for her bio for the Jake's Place web site, Cheryl responded, "Major reason to join Jake's Place is to exact revenge on Debbie Edge for talking me into adopting 'Mad Max'!"

Carrie Scott


Carrie has always had a special place in her heart for cats. She got her start as a cat socializer at the SF SPCA and embraced an open opportunity to volunteer with ASCS. Now on the board of directors at Jake's Place, Carrie puts her love of furry creatures first in her lineup of "extracurricular activities." That said, Carrie has a 20-year profile in direct and digital marketing and brings a great deal of creative and promotional development expertise from her experience working with leading B2C and B2B Fortune 500 organizations.

Our Community

This much we know for sure -- it takes a village! From the shelters who need our help, the volunteers who transport and foster, the adoption coordinators and those who post our cats on websites, to the vets who help us, the pet stores who welcome our events and the shops who let us put donation canisters on their counters -- it takes a community of people to make what we do happen! A big thank you to all of them!! Please support those who support us!

Contact Us

adoptions@jakesplacecatrescue.org | (415) 548-0824

Mailing address: 1530 Armstrong Avenue, #31, Novato, CA 94945